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Light box signs are used to effectively market a business twenty-four hours a day. Forever Signs can provide you and your business with the best light box signs, which will effectively market your business and get across your business’ name to your customers. Light box signs employ the use of fluorescent tubes to illuminate the sign, which has a poster inside of it, with a custom design of your company’s name and logo. This very noticeable and unique promotional tool has effectively marketed a number of South Florida businesses and Forever Sign clients to astounding levels in the past. Additionally, indoor light box signs can be used inside of your business to market certain products of specific interest to you existing clientele as well. Some of many businesses in the South Florida area capitalizing on light box signs include supermarkets, banks, retail stores, restaurants, car dealerships, and numerous others, which can be clearly reviewed in our website portfolio section. Forever Signs serves the South Florida area including the cities of Boca Raton, South Beach, Miami, Tamarac, and currently, the business is conveniently located and based out of Hialeah, Florida.

The majority of light box signs usually open up from the side or the rear, which allows a poster to be inserted. The poster will have the company name and logo on it, as well as any other items of interest to our clientele’s wishes. Some light box signs open from the front on hinges, which makes it easier to replace the poster or the fluorescent light bulbs, if necessary as well. Most light box signs come in a variety of different sizes, but typically, they are constructed in the shape of a rectangle or a square. Sign size can also be manipulated to efficiently fit any business needs or expectations, and for the most part, Forever Signs light box signs generally are constructed using aluminum. Light box signs from Forever Signs can also be expertly designed and manufactured to meet any demands regarding placement, including signs suitable for outdoor or indoor display. Likewise, our experienced staff can also be of assistance in mounting signs in display cases or other areas of interest, which may or may not prove problematic for most other signage companies.

Light boxes are some of the best ways to market a business these days. Not only do they light up when turned on at night, they also make it easier for your business to be seen by customers. Your personal light box signs can be designed and manufactured by our experienced staff at Forever Signs in Hialeah, Florida today.

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