Choosing the right type of business signs Miami for your company is crucial for your brick-and-mortar business. After all, it is these signs that create a long-lasting impression on potential clients so you would want to make sure that it can hold the viewer’s attention and invite them to come inside.

But, because business signs Miami can come in different materials, sizes and shapes, going for one can be a pain. Read on below to find out narrow down your choices and find out the perfect welcome banner for your store.

Pylon Signs

These types of signs in Miami are perfect for businesses along the highway or freeway, such as hotels, restaurants or gas stations. Pylon signs are also commonly used in shopping centers where stores found inside are being advertised.

Pole signs also work the same way only that this time around, it only advertises one company. Sometimes, they come with a text section underneath for announcements and promotions.

Monument Signs

Contrary to pylon signs, the monument signs for business is a low-profile sign usually made from brick, concrete, wood or high-density foam. It can usually be found at parking lot entrances or in front of a building. Monument signs may only have one name in it or may list down all the tenants inside a building.

Sidewalk Signs

Another type of low profile business signs Miami is the sidewalk sign. It is usually made up of a sturdy frame and a chalkboard or whiteboard attached to it. This is particularly useful for stores and offices that do not have a lot of space in front. Many restaurants and cafes also use this type of signs because its text can easily be changed on a regular basis.

Awning Signs

Those looking for other creative ideas for office signs Miami can also opt for an awning. Although awnings provide shelter to customers and block the sunshine inside the office, they can also be used to promote a business by adding the name and logo on top.

Wall Signs

These types of signs come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Custom channel letter signs, or exterior 3D letter graphics made from metal or plastic, are quite common. They can also be incorporated with a company’s logo and branding.

To make these signs attractive even at night, they are usually illuminated from behind, from within or from lights that shine on the sign itself.

Window Graphics

Window signs may be considered the cheapest type of storefront signs Miami since they are usually just made from stickers and do not always require professional help. However, they only work best for stores with large glass panels in front instead of concrete walls.

Which Business Signs Miami is Right for Your Store?

There are many factors for determining the right type of signs: industry, location, required permits, purpose and budget, among others.

Whether you go for pylon, wall, window, awning, sidewalk, letter signs or monument signs, make sure to consult with a reputable Miami signs company who understands your needs well.